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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Building-Our Future: A Little Bit More

All through my life and still to this very day
I love to write poems for what I want to say

So please won't you give me your attention
I have a vital message I want to mention

Our shul is on its way to having a permanent home
No longer will we be nomads, continuing to roam

Creative architects have developed a vision that is exciting
Welcoming, inspiring, green space and natural lighting

Over $4 million dollars is the number we did raise
Can we stretch to $5 million in the next 42 days?

Have you made your pledge, now don't be left out
Everyone's participation is what Or Hadash is about

There's a message that I will surely adore
"You've made your pledge but can stretch a bit more"

The very best way we can bring $5 million near
Is if all of us who have pledged will add a 6th year

So let us hear from you right away
We need to make progress every day

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you do
Together we will make this dream of our new home come true

Call the office, sent an email or tell me any time
That you're ready to participate....that's the end of this rhyme
Sherry Z Frank

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