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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Building-Our Future: Builders' Club Chorus

Shabbat is back and I am thrilled to speak
The Capital Campaign has had a good week
We're picking up steam and calling many of you
There are no secrets; you know what we want you to do

Give now if you have not participated as of yet
Helping us build our new home you will not regret
Increase your gift if you can find the way
And you will surely gladden this beautiful day

Adding a 6th year to your original pledge is indeed
The way for us to get closer to the amount we need
We've raised $4.1 million and we still can do better
Please respond at once to our call, email or letter

$5 million is the amount we need to build it complete
We'll have our own kitchen to make good things to eat
There will be classrooms and offices and coffee bars
Two rabbis' studies and room for all of our cars

Not to mention the Sanctuary and social hall too
We can't build it all without increased gifts from you
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity we have before us
Don't be left out of our Or Hadash builders' club chorus

Thanks and know that we appreciate all that you have done
We can't wait to cut the ribbon and celebrate with everyone
Sherry Frank, President

Our Building-Our Future: The Executive Director's Perspective

My first year as Executive Director of Or Hadash has been a whirlwind. When I started we had just found a property that would meet the needs of our new home and we were starting a capital campaign to fund the purchase of our Trowbridge property and construct our new home. Since then we have closed on our purchase, and almost paid off our purchase loan, engaged two extraordinary architects who are well underway with the design of our new home and thanks to the generosity of so many of you we have raised over $4.1 million! We just have a little more to go.

Or Hadash has a unique culture. We are egalitarian; we are inclusive; egos are parked at the door; Tikkun Olam and Chesed are apparent in everything we do; and everyone rows in the same direction. In a few short years we have become a force that is admired throughout our community because of what we do and the "Or Hadash" way that we do it. Being a part of it has been an extraordinary experience for me.

We have been in a marathon and are now nearing its completion. If we keep rowing together we can reach our $5 million goal and complete a new home that will give us pleasure and serenity for many years to come. Please join me in adding a 6th year to your pledge or making a new pledge if you haven't already done so. Remember everyone counts at Or

Bruce Warschoff

Our Building-Our Future: Reflections Over Pesach

Twas the morning of the first Seder night
I was very busy and my kitchen was a sight
Matzah balls were boiling and gefilte fish was chilling
Then I received a call that was really thrilling

Andy Kauss said be at my office, 1 o’clock is the time
We’re ready to get your signature on the dotted line
Steve Wertheim’s contacts with Sun Trust Bank truly showed
We were ready to purchase property on Trowbridge Road

Can you believe it was just one year ago this week
Of all that we have accomplished, I am proud to speak
Ma Nish Ta Nah our members soon will be saying
With visions of our future home where we’ll be praying

We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer every day
We are counting on you and you know just what to say
Yes, I will pledge if I have not done it yet
I can stretch my pledge to give more, you bet
I will add a 6th year because I clearly understand
$5 million is needed to build something really grand

At our Seder tables we will relive the Exodus story
We’ll ask questions and retell the plagues that were gory
We’ll remember the struggle and hardship and tears
We wander in the dessert for so many years
Thankful for the seas parting, we celebrate freedom and we eat
We conclude saying next year in Jerusalem, what a joyous treat

I wish you a happy Pesach and good times with family and friends too
It has been an historic journey I have traveled this year with each of you

Shabbat Shalom,

Sherry Frank, President

Our Building-Our Future: The Home Stretch

Shabbat is here and I'm back once more
With a different poem from the one before
I am focused on the Capital Campaign
This will sound like a familiar refrain

We're asking everyone to make a pledge, this is true
We are surely depending on each one of you
Increase your gift if you can find the way
We need everyone to stretch and do it today

Add a 6th year to your pledge if you haven't done it yet
And the closer to $5 million you will help us get

We have a few more weeks, but who is counting
We're calling, emailing and pressure is mounting

We have the architects' plans and they are great
Visions of our future home are cause to celebrate
We're raised over $4 million, and we're on a roll
Please help us get even closer to our goal

We are all volunteers trying to do our part
Don't delay any longer and give from the heart
Call the office, send an email or tell me anytime
That you are ready to participate....that's the end of my rhyme

Shabbat Shalom,

Sherry Frank