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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Capital Campaign Celebration and Hanukkah Dinner Wrap Up 12/8/2010

3.811Congregation Or Hadash's Capital Campaign Celebration and Hanukkah Dinner on December 5 was truly a major success! Nearly 250 members joined the festivities. We announced that we had raised nearly $3.8 million and by the next morning we had raised $3,811,326. Dozens of young children circled around Rabbi Analia joyously singing "I have a little dreidel" while Rabbi Mario played guitar smiling all the while. Campaign leaders, Board members, Rabbis and all solicitors, donors and staff were thanked for the hard work everyone put into making our dream of a permanent home a large step closer to reality. Coxe Curry professionals who have guided our campaign and BLDGs architects who are designing our new home were praised for their work todate and were happily part of our celebration.  Menorahs were lit all over the cafeteria as a record crowd enjoyed latkes, jelly donuts and a delicious dinner.

kidsOur success to date has energized everyone to keep the momentum going. Our work is not done. Our goal is to have every Or Hadash member play a part in building our new home. We have a 5 million dollar goal and we will work tirelessly to reach it and we are counting on you.

This has been a Hanukkah to remember. On this last night as we light 8 candles, let's keep the flames shining bright as we work together on this historic campaign.

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