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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Capital Campaign Pledge Thermometer Update Continues

Aleph 3.368I am delighted to report that as of November 3 we have raised more than $3.3 million toward our $5 million campaign project.  While we are pleased with our progress, we know the project is a stretch for our congregation and will require every family to participate to the extent of their ability in order to be successful.  We have one opportunity to build our first permanent home for the congregation - and want to make sure that we meet the needs of all our members.  We thank those who have already made their commitments to the campaign and encourage those who have not yet to give thoughtful consideration to their ability to help.  Your investment in our new home is one that is sure to yield great returns for current and future members.

Hold the Date:
Hanukkah Dinner and Capital Campaign Celebration
Sunday, December 5

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